Do your cushions look faded, dirty, decrepit?



Doing the following steps will get your cushions clean and keep them clean!

Step 1. Wash your cushions down with water and apply a cleaner.

The conditions of your cushions will determine what you use.

  • For lightly soiled cushions, soap and water should do the trick.
  • If needing a little more work to clean the cushions, use a Black Streak remover. Its a good overall cleaner.
  • If Black Streak does not take the spots out, use a Soft Curb or Bleach. This is for the worst cushions. Be careful when applying to colored cushions, bleach may dye the vinyl.

Rinse off any chemical you used to clean the seats.

Step 2. Dry Off Seats.

After drying the seats, check to see if there are any spots left. If needing to go back with additional cleaner to remove defaults, now is your chance.

Step 3. Apply Vinyl Protectant.

This is basically the wax for the vinyl. This will provide a layer of protection to keep dirt off and protect it against UV Rays.

Step 4. Reapply Protectant

After Each Wash.

Unfortunately, the Protectant Washes off, Reapply after Washing in order to maintain the clean cushions.