Additional Services

Please contact us for a Free Estimate on any service we offer. We price boats according to the footage and the work involved. No boat is priced the same. These are the boat detailing services we offer. If there is a service you need that is not listed, contact us and we may be able to deliver that service for you.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts –

Do you want your boat to be kept in tiptop shape all summer long? We can provide that service for you. We offer a wide range of contracts such as weekly, and bi-weekly contracts just to name a few. We can accompany your needs and find a contract that works best for you. How it works is you pay a monthly fee, and we clean your boat weekly, bi-weekly, according to what fits your needs. This results in your boat being pristine all summer long and looking at its best shape. Call us today to let us know what will fit your needs and we will find the solution. 


Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings are the new hype in the industry. This coating can be applied to most surfaces on a boat such as;

  • Gelcoat
  • Paint
  • Upholsty
  • Stainless
  • Below Waterline
  • Nonskid
  • Glass

The coating allows the boat to shine for 18-24 months comparing to the traditional wax which is about 3 months. It is very durable against all elements.

This coating makes cleaning your boat much easier as well as protecting it up to 2 full seasons.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment to get the highest quality product to protect your boat.

Bottom Painting, Running Gear and Zinc Replacement

Bottom Painting-

Having a good coat of Bottom Paint on your boat is key for protecting your hull. The Paint will help fight off growth and bacteria that will keep your bottom clean as well as help you reach higher speeds. There are two kinds of paints, Ablative and Hard. An Ablative Paint, is a paint that wears off showing a fresh layer of biocides. A Hard Paint, is a paint that doesn’t wear away as easily and last longer. Bottom Paint is a must have if most of the year is spent in the water.

Before applying the new paint, the old paint must be looked over. If the old paint is in good shape, we will be able to do a quick sanding to prep the surface for the new paint. If its flaking off and not in good condition, we will have to sand it down really well in order to get the loose paint off before applying new coat.


Running Gear-

Running Gear can get all fowled up without having it properly prepped before launching your boat in the spring. Take precautions before and get all bare running gear coating to keep the fouling at a low.


Zinc Replacement-

Zincs are what protect the running gear from becoming corroded. Zincs need to be looked at and replaced annually if not sooner. Putting on new zincs each year will result in you stressing less about the corrosion of the running gear because that is the most expensive aspect of the boat.

Teak Refinishing/Maintanence

Teak Refinishing/ Maintenance –

Have teak that could be freshened up? Teak takes a beating through these hot summers. If not properly maintained, you may need a professional to get the teak up to par. With so many avenues to go down, teak is  very broad and can look however you would like whether you like a varnish with a high shine and deep gloss or if you just like natural teak. Whatever floats your boat, we can achieve. Reach out today to receive an estimate for your next Brightwork project.



Interior Clean

Interior Clean –

Keep your cabin clean through the year with our interior service. We will vacuum, clean the glass and windows, wipe all countertops, dust the wood, clean the head, open cabinets, take out trash, and everything in between. This can be done as an in depth service or a quick wipe over. We can also included shampooing all carpets as well.

Get set up on a schedule where we come to keep your boat clean so you can enjoy it, not clean it.


Bilge/ Engine Room Cleaning

Bilge/ Engine Room Cleaning –

A dirty bilge is one of the main reasons a cabin will smell. Cleaning the bilge frequently will reduce the amount of odor it lets out. Cleaning the bilge includes wiping walls with an appropriate de-greaser, getting all water/ oil out of bilge, scrubbing the bilge area itself and making sure all dirt and grime is taking care of.

Detailing the Engine will make it look new again. With a toothbrush, rag, and some other tools, we can get in all the cracks and crevices leaving your engine looking like it was when it was new. For those really anal about Engine Rooms, we can even clean all corroded metal revealing a like new brass color.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning-

Our Carpet Cleaning service will get the dirt and grim out of your carpets, leaving you with cleaner carpets as well as carpets that smell great.

Isinglass Cleaning

Isinglass Cleaning –

Isinglass becomes easily dirty, so have us use our high quality process to take the dirt and grim off your glass and our products will protect your isinglass against the elements of life.

Canvas Cleaning/Waterproofing

Canvas Cleaning –

Have us use our products to get the mold, mildew, and dirt off your canvas. This results in a clean looking canvas that will protect your boat and you from the elements. We can also weatherproof your canvas with a chemical that will cause any rain or dirt to repel from the canvas resulting in a beeding effect.

Vinyl Cleaning

Vinyl Cleaning –

If your seats are dirty and look old and moldy, have us use our products to bring the color back to the cushions. After we bring the dirt out of the upholstery, we will apply a Premium Vinyl Protectant to protect the seats from the elements and future dirt.

Non Skid Painting
Non Skid Painting –

Is your Non skid looking old and warn out? We can sand down your current nonskid and apply a brand new coat of paint to give your boat the look it deserves. We also can add compound to the paint so that it gives your nonskid that textured feel so you feel safe walking.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Graphics –

Need a new Boot Stripe? How about an updated name on the transom? We can now handle new decals ranging from stripping to putting a name on the boat.  We can remove existing decals as well.