Bottom Painting

Bottom Painting  is a must have if most of the year is spent in the water.

Having a good coat of Bottom Painting on your boat is key for protecting your hull. The paint will help fight off growth and bacteria that will keep your bottom clean as well prevent blistering on the bottom of your boat. There are two kinds of paints, Ablative and Hard. An Ablative Paint, is a paint that wears off showing a fresh layer of biocides. A Hard Paint, is a paint that doesn’t wear away as easily and last longer. 

Keeping the bottom paint in good shape will keep your boat in good condition for years to come.  At The Last Detail, we focus on providing quality Bottom Painting services in the Maryland area, to keep your vessel in top-shape so you can enjoy it to the fullest extent!

Before applying the new paint, the old paint must be looked over. If the old paint is in good shape, we will be able to do a quick sanding to prep the surface for the new paint. If its flaking off and not in good condition, we will have to sand it down really well in order to get the loose paint off before applying new coat.

Running Gear

Running Gear can get all fowled up without having it properly prepped before launching your boat in the spring. Take precautions before and get all bare running gear coated to keep the fouling at a minimum.

Zinc Replacement

Zincs are what protect the running gear from becoming corroded. Zincs need to be looked at and replaced annually if not sooner depending on how often the boat is in the water. Putting on new zincs each year will result in you stressing less about the corrosion of the running gear because that is the most expensive aspect of the boat.

Have your BOTTOM PAINTING applied right by the pros, give us a call today!