Waxing and Compounding

Waxing is more then just apply wax to a boat. It is an art where if you do it right, your boat can have a glossy finish!

Is your boat in need of wax?

  • Use our insulator wax to protect your boat from the elements and to make your boat look pristine.
  • We recommend that a boat be waxed at least 3 times per year depending on how much sun the boat receives throughout the summer and the color of the hull. If the hull is a darker color, it will need more attention.

When does your boat need compound?

  • The suns UV rays penetrate the wax causing it to become “chalky” and oxidized. Fiberglass Oxidation is when the boat has a dull look to the fiberglass and does not have any shine. To bring the shine back to the boat, we use electric buffers using a couple coats of compound, depending on how badly oxidized the boats condition is. 
Give us a call to get our pros to handle your boats Waxing and Compounding needs!