Maintenance Contracts

  • Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly Washing
  • Gelcoat Maintenance Programs
  • Paint Maintenance Programs

Bottom Painting

  • New Bottom Paint Application
  • Existing Bottom Paint Application
  • Hard and Ablative Paint
  • Racing Bottoms
  • Dry Sailing Bottoms

Spring Detailing

  • Compound, Polishing, and Wax Services
  • Bilge Cleaning and Interior Cleaning
  • Stainless Polish

Teak Work

  • Teak Deck Cleaning
  • Varnish, Cetol, and Oil Work
  • Minor Carpentry Work

Shrinkwrapping of Sailboats

  • Boats in the water
  • Tape to the Rubrail/ Wrap to Waterline
  • Work Tents for Winter Projects

Power Boat Shrinkwraps

  • Boats on lift
  • Wrap to Rubrail/Wrap to Waterline

Schedule Worked for Hauling

  • Organized Haulouts to Work on land
  • Wash and Wax Service

Running Gear

  • Zinc Replacement
  • Prop Speed Application
  • Antifouling Application

Boat Restoration

  • Bottom Paint Removal
  • Gelcoat Restoration


Ceramic Coating

  • Gelcoat Restoration
  • Boat Washing
  • Ceramic Application

Boat Restoration

  • Complete Wetsand, Compound, Polish and Wax

Boat Restoration

  • Heavy Compound, Polish, and Wax Process