Reasons to Wash Your Boat Often

Salt causes Oxidation.

After using your boat, there is a good chance salt is covering the hull of your boat along with the decks as well. If you keep the salt on there, it will cause oxidation (check out my blog Restoring Your Shine).

If you rinse it after use, it will prevent oxidation and keep your boat in better shape.

Keeps Boat Pristine

Boats are a big investment. Keeping them clean will enhance the resale value of the boat. Keeping your boat clean will also give you something to brag about to family and friends.

Saves You Money!

Anyone who has a boat knows how much of a ‘money pit’ they are. Washing your boat will save you money in a couple ways. Wont have to spend as much money on wax because you will be washing debris and salt off to keep it clean. Otherwise if the dirt sits on there without washing, it will cause it to oxidize faster.

Lets you Relax

Coming to a clean boat is much more relaxing then coming down to a mess. The whole point of owning a boat is to relax, not stress. Washing your boat often causes your stress level to go down since it will be clean.

Basically, Wash your boat often to keep it in good condition, save you money, and save you headaches.

If you don’t have time to Wash your boat, we offer Maintenance Programs to meet your needs. Contact us if you would be interested.