Shrinkwrapping can be a pricey investment, why not spend the money to protect it during the winter?

In this article, we will explain 3 reasons why its worth spending the money on shrinkwrap.

Reason #1. Shrinkwrapping your boat brings Peace of mind.

When a boat is not shrinkwrapped, you have to go down and check the boat out to see if its full of water, ice or a bird making a nest on your boat. This takes you away from other things going on in your life and no one wants to babysit a boat through the wintertime. I think we would all rather sit around a warm fire then pumping water out of a boat in frigid tempts.

Reason #2. When you Shrinkwrap your boat, it helps to Protect your investment.

When a boat is not shrinkwrapped and we get a heavy snowfall, the snow on the boat could potentially freeze, then there is a chance cracking could occur to the gelcoat resulting in a bigger issue. This could result in more money getting spent to fix those issues in the spring. In the spring, your going to want to use the boat, not get it fixed.

Reason #3. Protect your wax by Shrinkwrapping your boat.

When the boat sits exposed to the sun through the winter, the UV Rays can oxidize the finish on your boat taking away the shine. Wax does not last that long, check out our other blog Benefits of waxing boat regularly. Shrinkwrapping your boat keeps the sun’s UV Rays off the boat helping preserve the wax that is on there and helps you get more out of the wax you paid for. The white shrinkwrap does not allow any UV Rays to penetrate through.

In conclusion, Shrinkwrap is an affordable way to give you peace of mind through the winter so you don’t need to check on it through the winter, protects your investment from ice damaging it, and also preserves the wax on your boat.

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