Tip of the Month- January

Did you take the time to get your boat Winterized and Shrink-Wrapped?

If you put your boat away fro the winter without Winterizing, you will come back in the spring with possible corrosion, broken pipes, and a lot more havoc. Winterizing your boat will prevent pipes breaking and will also ease your mind so you don’t have to think about your pipes cracking when it gets frigid out.

If not stored properly before winter, your boat could get fiberglass cracks as well as window cracks. When snow sits on your boat, it can then turn to ice which causes cracks and potential leaks. Boats were built for the sun, not for the ice.
Shrink- Wrapping is key in having your boat last through the winter as well as through its life. In the short term, it prevents the snow and ice from forming on your boat. In long term, it lengthens the life or your boat since your not harming the fiberglass in anyway.

Take the time now to store your boat correctly so you wont walk into any headaches in the spring.